Fuel injection department
  • Date:2021-03-15
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It is often said that spring is the time of the year. When the pace of the new year gradually leaves and the wheel of time is heading for February 15, 2017, the fuel injection department where I work has ushered in the formal operation and production of the new fuel injection production line. This is a memorable day!

A new workshop full of hope

You will feel that it is a production department full of modern atmosphere, bright workshop, reasonable layout, spacious and comfortable working environment, high automation production equipment, so that everyone who enters it is so full of time, looking forward to using it, using it, and making qualified products come from the production line like water It's produced!


In fact, behind many beautiful things, there are some unforgettable past. When we use the new equipment, we should also miss the old guys and old friends who have experienced the ups and downs together. Thank them for dragging a heavy body full of vicissitudes for our production, quality and on-time delivery. Thank you for making us miserable and prosperous Brilliant! The short separation is for the next better reunion. At this moment, you need to rest. We want you to be reborn and accumulate strength for the next reunion!



Unforgettable old workshop

Now in the future, the oil injection workshop will solve many production problems (1. Template production; 2. Conflicts between color paint and UV, vacuum plating; 3. Production flexibility, providing guarantee for on-time delivery; 4. Timely maintenance rate of equipment, so as to reduce equipment failure in the production process)!

Waiting a long time to wait until today, dream for a long time to finally realize the dream, in order to realize this beautiful dream, I want to thank General Huang for his strong support for my department work, thank you all the way!

In 2017, we will work hard together, all colleagues of fuel injection department!



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