32 years of cosmetics packaging product customization

  CPP Asia is belong to CPP Global and located in China.CPP Global was found in 1984 in Asheboro,NC USA.CPP Global has 4 organization where in US and China.We can provide full production which including part design,project development,engineering service and molding production,all decoration manufacturing. There are more than 30 team members for our produce development team.20 designer at New York, Mocksville and Asheboro in US and 13 peoples at CPP Asia. We have weekly conference call with US team every Tue to go over project development. Our design and development team in US with well over 30 years design and development experience .We are currently producing products with Estee Lauder, L 'Oreal, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Avon, and Others with many new and unique designs, including the new material using and new production processing technique, etc.

Molding Department

  CPP GLOBAL (ASIA) LTD injection molding department is a dust-free work shop. Our factory includes 50 high quality injection molding machines including Toshiba, Nissei, and Union brand machines .Sizes range from 80 tons thru 650 tons. Many of our machines are equipped with multi-axis robots to produce parts in automatic cycles as well as some assembly functions. We are capable of running PP, PE, ABS, PC, POM, PETG, PMMA, and PCTA all kinds of resin. Within mold processing we also have US engineers on-site who provide site instruction and support to guarantee the molding quality of our products. Molding department is covered air condition and we have 50 molding machines.


  International grade 101,over 1 million shots. Our Stock toolings over 1000 sets,and we're ability to build private tooling. Moreover, we have a professional team and a series machines to support our customers' new mold development.

Processing Department

  CPP GLOBAL (ASIA) LTD processing department adopts dust-free closed workshop, with 3 vacuum electroplating production lines, 4 spraying production lines, 3 automatic screen printing production lines, equipped with 30 sets of screen printing equipment, 5 sets of pad printing machine, 25 sets of gilding equipment, 5 sets of heat transfer printing machine, providing electroplating, spraying, screen printing and gilding production of various plastic materials, which can meet the printing needs of different products. At the same time, we have professional technicians and efficient production capacity. The daily output of electroplating production line is more than 35000 pieces, spraying production line is more than 55000 pieces, and the daily output of screen printing and gilding production line is up to 300000 pieces.

Production department

Assembly Department

  CPP GLOBAL (ASIA) LTD assembly department adopts dust-free closed workshop, with 7 assembly lines, 3 automatic capping machines, as well as a series of automatic equipment such as automatic stopper machine, automatic labeling machine, injection machine, ultrasonic machine, etc. it is constantly improving the process, introducing automatic production, improving the production efficiency and quality. The assembly department assembles up to 130000 powder boxes every day.

Quality Department

  We control part appearance, dimension and function from IQC一IPQC一FQC all processing. Every working station we post SIP, SOP, Standard and Range board to let operator know well for the specific quality requirement. Strive to ensure that all our products can meet the industry requirements and customer quality standards. We have an excellent management team composed of engineering, manufacturing and quality personnel to follow these management processes, so that our products can reach the high quality level. Here are some practices we are practicing::

  • DFM

  • Lean manufacturing

  • Continuous improvement

  • GMP compliance

  • SPC

  • TQM