CPP Asia is belong to CPP Global and located in China.CPP Global was found in 1984 in Asheboro,NC USA.CPP Global has 4 organization where in US and China.We can provide full production which including part design,project development,engineering service and molding production,all decoration manufacturing.

  There are more than 30 team members for our produce development team.20 designer at New York, Mocksville and Asheboro in US and 13 peoples at CPP Asia. We have weekly conference call with US team every Tue to go over project development. Our design and development team in US with well over 30 years design and development experience .We are currently producing products with Estee Lauder, L 'Oreal, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Avon, and Others with many new and unique designs, including the new material using and new production processing technique, etc.

33+Production R & D experience

30000+Square meter factory area

380+Existing staff

  After nearly 30 years of development, CPP Asia adheres to the talent concept of "harmony in life, excellence in work, teamwork, sharing weal and woe". It has a stable management and technical team, and has cultivated a large number of professional and dedicated technical and management talents.

  With the development of the company, the corporate culture has been further improved. Through the daily inspection of senior managers in the workshop, they can timely understand the voice of employees, set up billboards, cultural corridors and suggestion boxes, publicize the management culture and values of the enterprise, positively educate and guide all employees to correctly establish the enterprise concept of "loyalty, truth-seeking, innovation and win-win", so as to make all employees happy Better gathered under the banner of enterprise spirit, we pursue the enterprise vision of "striving to become an excellent enterprise in China's cosmetics packaging industry and creating value for customers, employees, shareholders and society"

  The company always adheres to the perfect combination of institutionalized and humanized management, and holds various activities, which not only enlivens the amateur cultural life of employees, but also consolidates and deepens the achievements of enterprise culture construction. Over the years, we have organized a variety of educational and recreational activities, such as organizing various kinds of training courses to improve the overall knowledge level of employees and give full play to the maximum potential of talents; giving birthday cake to employees every month and sending sincere wishes to the company; planting trees day allows employees to plant fruit trees belonging to their own departments and taste the fruits of their own departments; holding regular activities Conduct fire safety drills to improve the staff's fire safety awareness and ability to cope with emergencies; hold fun games, sports competitions and other activities. In the activities, the talents of employees can be brought into play, the cultural literacy can be improved, the enterprise cohesion can be strengthened, and the construction of enterprise culture is promoted and deepened.

Qualification and honor, witness our strength

ISO 9001:2008

Pollutant discharge permit of Guangdong Province

Test report

Test report

Quality policy: continuous improvement, improve quality, and reduce costs

The purpose of the quality management system: to provide the best packaging materials for the cosmetics, food and other industries.

33 years of professional focus on cosmetic packaging product customization